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Roof Waterproofing Membrane Stitchbond Fabric

Roof Waterproofing Membrane Stitchbond Fabric

NO.:Waterproofing Stitchbond

Roof Waterproofing Menbrane Stitchbond Nonwoven Fabric, manufactured by TEAMWAY GENERAL INDUSTRY CO., LTD, is now widely exported to South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, and used for Building Waterproofing Material, and Building Reinforcement.

Gauge: 7 gauge, 14 gauge.

Recommended Width: 290cm.

Recommended Grams: 80 ~ 120 gsm.

Material: 100% Recycled PET /Polyester.

Other Usage: Mattress Fabric, Bags Fabric, Waterproofing Material, Window Blind Fabric, and Shoe Insoles.

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