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2011.11 fifth Malaysia plastic exhibition

2011.11 fifth Malaysian Plastics Exhibition
M-PLAS 2011

Show Time :2011.11.9-2011 .11.12
Show City: Kuala Lumpur
Venue: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (Kuala Lumpur International Exhibition Centre)
Organizer: Messe Düsseldorf Asia (Messe Dusseldorf Asia Branch)
Exhibition period: every two years

Plastics and rubber industry as a key focal point for industrial purposes by 2011, Malaysian Plastics Exhibition is an update with the latest industry news, an ideal platform for reform and development. The four-day exhibition will allow Malaysian Plastics various leading international manufacturers and suppliers come together. Professionals will be the most advanced stage through this benefit, and can explore opportunities for business improvement.
Fourth Malaysian Plastics Exhibition from 19 countries received 174 exhibition companies, including domestic as well as from Austria, China, India, Italy, Malaysia and Singapore, the group all over the world exhibition company. From 47 countries visited the 4419 visitors to the plastics machinery and equipment, products and services, the latest way of reform and development.
1. Plastics and rubber industry machinery and equipment: re-processing and recycling machinery and equipment, plastics processing machinery and equipment, rubber processing machinery and equipment, electrical machinery, machinery parts, hydraulic systems, processing machinery, finishing machinery and equipment, decoration, printing and marking, printing and processing equipment, welding machine, mold and die, auxiliary equipment, measurement, control and test equipment, components and accessories.
2. Raw and auxiliary materials
3. Plastic and rubber products
4. Logistics products - used in plastics and rubber industry, materials handling
5. Plastic and rubber industry

Application Procedure: 1, is scheduled to stand: the exhibitors after the receipt of project documents, please fill out the attached "Application Form" and fax to our company seal. Registration within three days after the advance payment of RMB 20,000 per booth remit my company account. 2, the participating enterprises suspected of infringing intellectual property rights do not carry goods for this exhibition, or any and all liability by the enterprises themselves.
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