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2011 the 10th international plastic chemical industrial exposition Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia in 2011 the Tenth International Plastic Chemical Industry Fair

Show Name:
Show time: 2011 11 28 - December 1, 2011
Exhibition Venue: Exhibition Centre Riyadh Saudi Arabia
Organizer: IFP
Market Background: Saudi market introduction:
Saudi Arabia has the world's largest oil reserves (26% of the world's proven oil reserves.) The purchasing power of its 174 billion a year U.S. dollars, the market share of the private economy has occupied 46% of GDP throughout the country, the largest terminal in the Middle East consumer market. She is not only the Middle East and Africa in trade close to the largest country, is the largest economy, the fastest growing market! As the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh is its central hub, government agencies, various commercial agencies, the location of embassies and consulates, is the country's decision-making center, but also the Saudi upper class, the fastest growing areas in the country for its Riyadh all sectors of the economy has the vast opportunities for enterprises to enter the Saudi market provides an ideal platform.
In the Middle East countries, Saudi Arabia accounted for per capita plastics consumption top the list. A recent survey: 40 kg plastic per capita consumption of Saudi Arabia, other Gulf countries, consumption is 2 times. Saudi plastics industry is also effective expansion of the amazing help of their national economies more foreign diversification plan - aimed at reducing dependence on oil. Turning point in 1987 under the Saudi government-run Saudi Basic Industries Corporation started its own 75% of plastic production of plastic resin. Saudi Arabia has more than 580 today, the plastics industry. Saudi Arabia plastic fast-growing field, with the series of government-friendly investment policies, including encouraging the Saudi and foreign joint ventures, foreign enterprises to reduce taxes, allow foreign ownership and generous subsidies and financial plan for the local and the world of plastic manufacturers, traders and agents provide a valuable business opportunity.

2011 International Plastic Chemical Industry Fair once again and established the Saudi petrochemical industry, plastics industry position in the market!
Despite the current serious global economic recession, Saudi Arabia, the Middle East remains a petrochemical and plastics industries are most attractive investment destination. Indeed, Saudi per capita consumption of plastic has reached the world level of industrialization. The private sector is being further stimulated the rapid development of printing products and technologies for the additional demand. In addition, such as private residential and commercial center, a large real estate development projects, industrial parks and urban economic large-scale construction, restaurants and hotels and so on plastic products will require an update.
★ Plastic: chemicals, raw materials, plastic bags and containers, plastic furniture, plastic, health care products, injection molding systems, plastic household items, plastic packaging, PVC pipes, PVC pipes
★ Petrochemical: processing and processing equipment, chemical engineering systems, chemical plant and machinery, petrochemical equipment,
Safety equipment, filters and filtration systems, treatment and system maintenance, heat exchange systems and equipment, process equipment engineering, pumps, motors, valves and fittings
★ equipment, laboratory and control equipment: analyzers, blenders and mixers, computer software, control and monitoring systems, flow meters, lab chemicals, measurement system, grinder
Info: The exhibition is held biennially, and access to UFI (International Fair Union) certification. Largest consumer market in the Middle East held in Saudi Arabia, for the most advanced technology and equipment to provide an excellent platform for the display in 2009, the total exhibition area of more than 2 million square meters, will run audience of more than 15,000 people, attracted more than 30 countries 462 exhibitors come to the exhibition, a total of 27 Chinese enterprises, the total number of the show to 25 people, China 288 square area.
Application Procedure: 1, is scheduled to stand: the exhibitors after the receipt of project documents, please fill out the attached "Application Form" and fax to our company seal. Registration within three days after the advance payment of RMB 20,000 per booth remit my company account. 2, the participating enterprises suspected of infringing intellectual property rights do not carry goods for this exhibition, or any and all liability borne by the enterprises and business Consulting Co., Ltd. Beijing Jiang Zhiren Website: http://www.bjjzrh.com
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