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The current our country

Recently, some experts have proposed, the planned economy era shortages of domestic plastic industry chain is too loose, and now to work together to create the upstream and downstream industry chain in China plastic full time. Based on the 2002 transformation of the domestic part of the petrochemical ethylene completed, the significant increase in plastic production, which marks the production of high quality plastic with a special material capabilities. In addition, last couple of years alone, Jinshan, Shanghai, Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical Company of Nanjing Yangtze Three Capacity Expansion of the Compound to increase production capacity to more than 100 million tons, including pipe materials, hollow container materials, wire and cable, film special materials such as plastic materials commonly used in domestic production and development capabilities are available.

However, some of the market from the current high-quality special material for the sale of domestic situation, but difficult satisfactory: some new products to sell, but similar high-end low-end products, downstream manufacturers do not recognize domestic materials the imported materials are still used, there even in the use of alternative materials; new members to join into the processing area of the domestic enterprises do not know what they need to produce petrochemical products.

  This phenomenon is due to many

  The domestic petrochemical industry to really form a stable production capacity is in the last century 90's, but then the petrochemical production of plastic products are all allocated by the state distribution, from the middle of the plastic company franchise, production companies and the market seriously out of line, not with the processing factories in direct counterpart relationship; the other hand, the rapid expansion of application fields of plastic, plastic raw materials, one of the market commodities in short supply. In order to best meet the market demand, production enterprises are producing easy to open, large, using a wide range of common materials, and rarely difficult to produce the Compound. When the gradual lifting of import restrictions of domestic and foreign companies operating domestic manufacturers to avoid the common material, but the franchise is almost blank Compound domestic market. To change the structure of the domestic market of plastic raw materials, China's accession to WTO by Sinopec protection of its key enterprises --- Yangzi Petrochemical, Shanghai Petrochemical, Yanshan Petrochemical aimed at improving the structure, increasing the variety of ethylene transformation, the introduction of hundreds of a special material grades of plastic production technology, basic industries to meet domestic demand for special materials, a number of high-quality special materials have been developed, some of them have mass market, with imported products rival.

  However, in the two-year construction period, due to the upstream and downstream plastic industry are not familiar with each other, so that these high-quality special material is difficult to truly move toward the market. First, the domestic plastic products, direct sales rate has been low. So far, some companies direct sales rate of less than 50% more than the middle part of the sales process. Common materials for plastics, it may rely on the dealer's existing network, but special materials must be specifically dedicated material to show its good performance. China's rapid economic growth, demand for plastics increases, which in turn determines the domestic plastic industry chain have long-standing 'import complex'. Therefore, we added plastic Compound addition to the economic growth to fill the demand, should gradually replace imported as a target. To achieve this goal, we must change the status of the domestic plastic industry chain, so that close integration of upstream and downstream industries, upstream development of special materials, directly corresponding to the downstream manufacturers 'Ball of Silk', downstream manufacturers will have to dare to try, the need to improve feedback up the place, the two sides join hands to make a stable market for upstream products and downstream manufacturers have convenient and safe supply channels.

  Currently, the market structure is undergoing plastic changes in the quality of foreign to domestic input from the technology and products, mainly shifted to the capital input. Them or owned or joint ventures in Nanjing, Shanghai, Fujian and other places building large petrochemical production base, domestic production of plastic after the ratio of these enterprises will be greatly improved. From now on, the domestic supply and marketing channels to build the right time, the domestic downstream plastic industry chain link should be time to seize the opportunity.

  Therefore, special materials with production capacity of plastic while the upper reaches should strengthen links with related industries, such as for each customer and potential users to create files, and selected high-technology literacy, public relations staff and their ability to make friends, to keep the They demand dynamic, even with foreign companies who have established a stable supply and demand as well. Downstream and upstream manufacturers should take the initiative to docking, familiar with the performance of new products made of plastic, as soon as possible with imports expected from the changes with domestic materials, and enhance security of supply and demand in the plastics industry.



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