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Shenzhen plastic industry development momentum fierce low-carbon economy

In the rapid development of high-tech industry in Shenzhen, the plastic industry seems to be a tradition of people are not optimistic about the industry, however, the reporter recently discovered in the interview, in the past only petrochemical plastics processing more than 8,000 enterprises in Shenzhen are now accelerating transformation of plastic On the one hand significantly reduce petrochemical plastics, on the other hand a large number of low-carbon plastic, full capacity production of plastic products, low-carbon products sought after by the market, substantial growth in domestic and international orders in the field of low-carbon plastic again leading the country.

According to the Shenzhen Plastics Industry Association, then Benny Lau introduced the tide in the global low carbon economy, the plastic is a low-carbon essential force. Plastic is mainly reflected in low carbon energy efficient technologies and use two aspects of plastic raw materials with low carbon emissions. Plastics industry in Shenzhen, have started to promote the application of energy-saving technologies. Motor transformation of technology into the plastics conversion industry for nearly a decade of history, is currently in promotion and application of injection molding machine has entered the mature stage. Plastic Machinery electromagnetic heating system heating and nano far infrared heating technology, although only the initial two years, it has gradually been widely accepted by enterprises. Shenzhen enterprises generally recognized that energy conservation is not just environmental issues, but also to save production costs companies an effective way. According to statistics, at present, the Shenzhen enterprises through the use of plastic energy-saving equipment, energy-saving way to transform the original equipment, the effectiveness of emission reduction of up to 30% to 50%.

More important aspect of low-carbon plastic is reflected in the use of new materials, in Shenzhen, the plastic industry development of low carbon production of various types of plastic home the forefront. Carbon emissions in various plastics, bio-plastics meteoric rise, has been partially replace petrochemical plastics. Development and production of the world has 6 types of biological plastic, Shenzhen enterprises can produce 4. BrightChina, green world biodegradable, which means the company can pass Cayman biotechnology R & D research to grasp core technology and patented, the production of bio-plastic raw materials mostly from starch, cellulose and other natural substances in materials, with carbon-neutral because of the role of , so that carbon dioxide emissions reduced by 80% compared with petrochemical plastics. Fast food boxes, phone keypad, garden tools, drinking cups, pens, cosmetics and plastic hoses ... ... The use of bio-plastics from Shenzhen production of sophisticated plastic products, in fact, the traditional petrochemical plastics are not in any way.

It is understood that, for low-carbon plastics recycled plastic, is providing a high degree of recognition of environmental protection sector, many international companies would rather spend more than the price of the new material, but also use recycled plastics, mainly Chinese and their low-carbon performance. Shenzhen detached plastic products company, Poly billion plastic bags Limited production of biodegradable plastic packaging products have been exported to Europe and America. Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. Thai Plastic to plastic materials, the development of bio-nylon, the quality of a leading position in the country, the product has been Siemens and other large companies. Star and Industry Co., Ltd production of cosmetic plastic hose, the Brazilian sugar cane production to adopt the biological polyethylene as raw material, by many Chinese and international cosmetics company. Shenzhen Green Biodegradable Material Co., Ltd., chairman of the World Su Xiaohai told reporters recently on his company just received a one-time snack box billion order. The production of bio-plastic master batch production from 150 tons daily, in December this year, Nissan will increase to 500 tons. Albert Industrial Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Guanghua market expansion is also in the new achievements, Hu Yang Yi, general manager of the company introduced BrightChina company has a polylactic acid and polycaprolactone core patents, is the only two products and biodegradable materials technology businesses, the field of biodegradable materials in the country occupy the technical high ground. Company products through the European Union and the United States certified biodegradable material, has been with Johnson & Johnson, PPG, Toray, Tuo Pule, Foxconn, Apple and Nokia to establish relations of cooperation. BrightChina Sony Ericsson has started the production of biological materials for the keyboard, is also based on customer needs to provide for the Apple phone decorative plastic jacket.



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