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Push plastic plastic industrial upgrading

Yesterday, city leaders Guo-Ping Wu, Yu Lau, Li Bao-chun, Jiang Yinsheng led the City Plastic plastic industry to upgrade to the comprehensive management of leading members of the group Nanshi streets, painting Township, on-site research.

It is reported that the main purpose of this research through site visits, so that the leading group members to further deepen the understanding of the status quo of plastic the plastic industry, and expand the impact of people within the region for carrying out further work to lay a good foundation, while the leading group on the first arranged a meeting to carry out inspection on completion.

Guo-Ping Wu, deputy secretary noted that the Working Group is to pay close attention to the work plan development, personnel in place, etc., within the specified time will be research reports or recommendations on policy measures for the report; start research work as soon as possible to form a viable industry to enhance and comprehensive management solutions, unified survey, held a forum to unity, unified inspection and learning; emergency stop new Luandaluanjian, illegal and get the building atmosphere, and promote healthy and orderly development of plastic the plastic industry.



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