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Shantou plastic products annual output value is about 400 million yuan

In recent years, Shantou plastic industries continue to expand, annual production value of nearly 400 billion yuan. 18, Shantou City Chamber of Commerce held five secondary plastics industry members of the General Assembly, added to vice president, director and supervisor, deputy secretary Deng Darong, City Vice Chairman of the Party until the United Front Work Department would like to congratulate Minister ZHANG Ze-hua.

    Currently, Shantou important plastics industry in the country, has formed a wide range, has a technological advantage and the emerging industrial system of production scale and become an important part in Shantou Industry and pillar industries, according to incomplete statistics, more than enterprises in Shantou Plastic 5000, the annual output of nearly 300 million tons of plastic products, the output value of nearly 400 million yuan, annual imports from Taiwan and abroad reached 100 million tons of plastic raw materials is the main import sources customs products. Shantou Plastic Industry Association has a membership of more than 200 units have been formed by a plastic material, plastic products, plastic machinery, plastic molds, auxiliary materials production and composition of the membership structure of business enterprises. Set up 18 years ago, on the one hand and actively guide the self-discipline, standardize business management, on the other service functions to play a Chamber of Commerce to promote the sustainable development of the plastic industry.



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