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Shantou plastics national pivotal change of city the plastic industry chamber of commerce

Shantou Plastic Industry Association held a fifth member of the General Assembly, elected by Zheng Zhongnan as president of the new Council leadership. Deputy secretary Deng Darong, Vice Mayor Yu Jianming, president of the China Plastics Processing Industry Association would like to congratulate Liao wait.

    Currently, Shantou important plastics industry in the country, has formed a wide range, has a technological advantage and the emerging industrial system of production scale and become an important part in Shantou Industry and pillar industries. According to statistics, the plastic products industry in 2007 large-scale enterprises to complete the production of 33,023,200 tons, of which Guangdong production of 7,544,500 tons of plastic products, plastic products, while the output of Shantou involving nearly 200 million tons. Meanwhile, Shantou is also famous for plastic machinery, Guangdong Jin Ming, "Far East", "spectacularly good" Shanzhang machinery and other products famous the world over. Shantou Plastic Chamber of Commerce was established 17 years ago, unknown to the present from the beginning of "National Advanced civil society organizations." Chamber of Commerce and actively guide the one hand, self-discipline, standardize business management; the other service functions to play a Chamber of Commerce to promote the sustainable development of the plastic industry. Since 2005, Chamber of Commerce member companies Secretariat published the day to day, the price of oil and plastics market information. Last year, the Chamber of Commerce began to build the test laboratory, testing of plastic raw materials for the member companies melting index, so that an accurate understanding of business performance of each batch of plastic raw materials and uses.

    Deng Darong plastics trade associations at the meeting hope to further develop intermediate, bridge and link and communicate with business and government contacts, and take up the role of assistant government departments, good service, good self-discipline, coordination, and supervision of work, solidarity members promoting technical progress and economic development.



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