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2009 shantou international plastic rubber industrial exhibition

Preface: Shantou known as the "hub of South China, eastern gateway," said one of the five special economic zones, radiating nearly three hundred million population market is a famous hometown. As Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangxi border region's economic, financial, trade, tourism, culture, technology and information center. Since the reform and opening up the plastic materials in Shantou, plastic products, plastic machinery, plastic molds, auxiliary materials production and trade companies have formed a complete product, there are certain technical advantages and the production scale of the emerging industrial system, with annual production of 300 million tons production capacity and supply and demand market, in the same industry occupies an important position as an important part in Shantou Industry and pillar industries.

    To this end, China Plastics Processing Industry Association, Guangdong Plastics Industry Association, the plastic industry Shantou Shantou International Chamber of Commerce jointly host the 2009 Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition. Plastics industry at home and abroad to provide a display, exchange and cooperation platform, but also for plastic manufacturers, distributors take the pulse of the plastic market for production and trade information exchange platform, thereby enhancing the plastic industry, scale, concentration, and further optimize the industrial structure.

    I. Scope of Exhibits:

    1, plastic injection molding technology and equipment, mechanical arm (out machine), the central auxiliary equipment for materials / mold and die manufacturing equipment components;

    2, plastic extrusion technology and equipment: plastic foam sheet, blown film / bag, pipe, profile, sheet, together plastic, round wire, flat wire and cable, mixing, granulation, and other production equipment;

    3, plastic machinery, rubber / tire machinery and related products, testing and control instrument, surface treatment, polishing equipment, post-processing equipment;

    4, plastic blow molding technology and equipment: plastic extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding, injection stretch blow molding blow molding and other production technology and equipment;

    5, related equipment and various types of components: plastic bottles, mixing equipment, mixer, on the feeder, drying machine, crushing machine, cold machine, vibrating screen, pelletizer, speed reducer, mold temperature, ultrasonic welding machine , the original electric motor, hydraulic components of Steam, the heater, screw / sets and other auxiliary equipment;

    6, plastic packaging, letterpress, gravure, screen printing, pad printing, hot stamping, thermal transfer, and slicing, slitting, laminating, sealing, bag, tape, adhesive tape manufacturer;

    7, plastic and rubber raw materials, additives, masterbatch, finished and semi-finished products.

    Second, the booth and advertising price list

    Domestic: Standard booth (3MX3M): RMB6800 yuan / month

    Non-standard booth (2MX3M): RMB5800 yuan / month

    Special Booth (36 square meters began accrue): RMB660 yuan / ㎡

    International: Standard booth (3MX3M): USD1800 / 9 ㎡

    Special Booth (36 square meters began accrue): USD180 / ㎡

    Note: Standard booth panels on three sides, spotlights, two chairs, tables, fascia, power socket (5A220V) each. Raw space only, the other corner booths, plus 500 yuan / month.

    Journal advertising venue advertising

    Layout cost (RMB) Select √ to project costs (RMB) Select √ to

    □ tickets cover 48,000 yuan 4,000 yuan / 10000 □

    □ Gift Bag Cover 28,000 yuan 5,000 yuan / 1 thousand □

    □ Inside Back Cover invitations 28,000 yuan 10,000 yuan / 5 one thousand □

    □ balloon advertising back 38,000 yuan 1,600 yuan / month • extension □

    □ 5,000 page black and white pieces of cloth 64 yuan / ㎡ • extension □

    8800 yuan □ Color promotional staff of 120 yuan / person • day □

    6000 Enterprise Interview □ Color Arch 8800 yuan / month • extension □

    Note: Photo quality color reversal film or a high magnification, positive, concise and accurate text; journal advertising material must be 1 October 2009 sent to the organizing committee.

    Please kindly fill out the correct application / contract, stamp and signature by the responsible person, by fax to the organizing committee, the organizing committee issued a Notice of Stand Confirmation within 10 days.



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