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Zhuhai plastic industry in the national occupies important position

September 18, Shantou City, a plastic industry associations, held its fifth General Assembly, deputy secretary Dengtai Rong, Vice Mayor Yu Jianming, and the China Plastics Processing Industry Association, Liao, attended the event. In recent years, Shantou plastic industries continue to expand, an annual output of nearly 200 million tons of plastic products, in the same industry has occupied an important position.

    At present, Shantou, plastic industry has formed a wide range, has a technological advantage and the emerging industrial system of production scale and become an important part in Shantou Industry and pillar industries. Yesterday afternoon, deputy secretary said in his speech, Deng Darong, Shantou City, Shantou Plastic Chamber of Commerce is the first one established by trade associations, across the river by touching stones to the development and growth, from the original unknown to today's "National Advanced non-governmental organizations" , Shantou industry associations, civil society organizations to win the honor. Hope the plastic industry associations to further develop the intermediary, the bridge and link and communicate business and government contacts, and take up the role of assistant government departments, and constantly do self-discipline, coordination, supervision, etc., and promoting technical progress and economic development.

   China Plastics Processing Industry Association, Liao also at the meeting fully affirmed the city's plastics industry, plastics industry, he believes Shantou Chamber of Commerce is the great business in the plastics industry (associations) will be one of the plastic industry in China in Shantou is important. According to statistics, last year, Shantou has been involved in production of plastic products, up to nearly 200 million tons of plastic products can be seen Shantou occupied an important position in the country. At the same time, Shantou is also a nationally renowned plastic machinery, famous the world over, and by the users.



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