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Dongguan "plastic exposition" 10 billion business opportunities to dig

"2005 Guangdong-Hong Kong Plastic Material Machinery Fair" in May, held in mid-Zhangmutou in Dongguan

WASHINGTON reporter Yan Xiaojie, Chen Weilei report: Guangdong and Hong Kong's largest trading market of plastic raw material business activities of billions will be held today, that is jointly organized by the Government Zhangmutou the "2005 Guangdong-Hong Kong Plastic Material Machinery Fair" will be 5 16 to 18 in Guangdong, known as the most active market of plastic held in Dongguan Zhangmutou plastics market.

Registration has been more than 70 companies

In the "plastic Fair" news conference, Lin Guanghua, deputy secretary of Dongguan Zhangmutou introduced this "plastic Fair" will be divided into three parts, one is polystyrene manufacturers Association, China Association of Plastics Processing industry conferences, the main engineering plastics market in China in 2005 Seminar and Technology Summit; the other is Taiwan Chemical, U.S. Dow, Japan Polyplastics, Italy Frontage, Ube Japan, Lucite International and other well-known products held enterprise products seminars and presentations, present, eight multinational companies have been enrolled; The third is in the Guangdong region's most distinctive Zhangmutou plastic raw materials market and Exhibition Centre, the five pavilions on display, including: plastic materials, plastic machinery, plastic mold, plastic products, industrial products Zhangmutou. The total exhibition area of 12,000 square meters, a total of more than 300 booths, it is learned, there are 70 companies registered for the exhibition. The current "Plastic Fair" will be the plastic industry of new products, new technologies, new processes such as promotion and communication, to further expand the development of Guangdong and Hong Kong plastic related industries to explore the CEPA agreement to the exhibitors business opportunities.

Create business opportunities for the industry chain of raw materials

Lin Guanghua, said the center to within 100 kilometers Zhangmutou has more than 50,000 foreign-funded enterprises and more than 10 million private enterprises. Songshan Lake Industrial Park under construction, and the East Industrial Park, will trigger a new round of industrial development of climax.

It is reported that since 1990 the government began Zhangmutou focus on the development of professional marketing programs. Investment of 3,000 million, and establish a set of plastic materials, construction materials, plastic materials, recycled plastics, plastic mold in one of the Zhangmutou plastic raw materials market, market size business operating level and the market in the domestic market and the Asian region has a pivotal position and impact. In 2003, Zhangmutou town government planning to build a logistics park three Zhangmutou plastic, a total investment of the logistics park of 5 million yuan, covers an area of 600 mu, total operating area of 30 square meters. Zhangmutou Plastics Logistics Park, the plastics market, the plastic center and center of trade logistics park plaza of three parts. One central area of 20,000 square meters Exchange Square, there are more than 500 businesses plastic raw material type 500. More than 750 total shops in Phase III, the 2004 sales of 100 million tons in the market, initially formed from the imports of raw materials, raw materials trading, materials processing layers of convergence of the industrial chain.

Plastics market demand in Guangdong

China Plastics Processing Industry Association and vice president, Guangdong Plastics Industry Association, said at the shore break, according to the figures show that Guangdong Province is China's plastics processing industry is the largest province. However, Guangdong big consumer of raw materials, the current lack of resources, especially for the plastics industry is concerned, with the plastic processing industry and related industries and the rapid development of the Pearl River Delta region of plastic raw materials shortages, lack of human resources, increasingly saturated market, and other issues began to emerge. Currently, music from Shunde, Dongguan Zhangmutou, Pinghu, Shenzhen, Guangdong, Guangdong, three plastics market will drive the development of the plastics industry, and related materials Zhangmutou a lot of plastic and the country will fill the needs of Guangdong.

Insiders pointed out that Zhangmutou operating mainly imported raw materials, is very promising. Zhangmutou a neighboring factory will buy a few tons of dozens of tons, or even hundreds of tons of plastic raw materials. In the cargo field, "private economy" reporter saw, Guangzhou, Foshan and other foreign truck license plate prefix everywhere, as far as eastern Guangdong's Shantou also came to this transaction.



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