Printing process of spunbond

2023-01-14  123

Most of the bags in the supermarket are made of non-woven fabrics. What are the printing processes of bright patterns and the characteristics of these different processes.

The first is flexplate printing, also known as offset printing or letterpress printing. Its plate is made of rubber and pasted on the rubber stick. The characteristics of printing are relatively soft and delicate, and the corresponding printing effect is not so textural and realistic. Generally, most companies have more trademark logo printing, and the price is relatively cheap among the printing processes described below.

The second is copper plate printing, also known as intaglio printing. The printing principle is to carve the pattern on the copper cylinder. The characteristics of printing are that the pattern is deeply recessed, the surface dissolves ink, the printing effect is exquisite, and the texture is strong. Generally, it can replace screen printing, printing most industrial products such as household, toys, and decoration, and the price is moderate.

The third is screen printing, which is called screen printing on the market. It is the processing method of most traditional printing. The printing feature is prominent, very textured, and bright color. It is beautiful in the printing process, but the price is very expensive. Generally, manual scraping is used for drawing, so the more types of colors, the more processes, and the corresponding price is also high.

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