Advantages and development of RPET stitchbond

2022-07-25  11

With the rapid development of China's economy and the continuous increase of residents' income, the demand of RPET stitchbond industry has not been fully released. Medical treatment is developing step by step, and China's population is aging. The use of RPET stitchbond in the medical field also shows a trend of rapid growth. In the industrial and engineering fields, RPET stitchbond market will be widely used. In addition, in the two fields of disposable sanitary absorbent materials and wet wipes, the consumption upgrading trend is very obvious, Therefore, RPET stitchbond with specific performance is more and more widely used in related fields. In the future, in terms of disposable absorbent materials and wiping products, RPET stitchbond with technological upgrading will still be the main trend.

With the continuous emergence of new technologies, the functions of RPET stitchbond are also constantly improving. The future development of RPET stitchbond comes from the continuous penetration of emerging industries, automobiles and other fields. At the same time, it will eliminate the backward, backward equipment and functional production of non-woven fabrics, so that non-woven fabric products can be differentiated and diversified, enter the depth of production, conduct deep processing of products, form product diversification, and meet market requirements.

In the global market, China and India are relatively large markets at present. India's RPET stitchbond market cannot be compared with China, but its demand potential is greater than that of China, with an average annual growth of 8-10%. Using RPET stitchbond to manufacture medical textiles, flame retardants, protective materials, special composite materials and other non-woven products, other new fields also show new development trends. China's RPET stitchbond is undergoing a profound transformation, and there is a certain degree of uncertainty.

In addition, RPET stitchbond provides the direction of sustainable development. It can not only improve people's lives, but also protect the environment. Otherwise, the sustainable and rapid development of RPET stitchbond may be in trouble due to insufficient resources and environmental deterioration.

Main advantages of RPET stitchbond

1. RPET stitchbond is a kind of green and recyclable non-woven fabric. Its fabric structure is not directly woven by textile machine, but directly hot-melt formed.

2. RPET stitchbond is made of waste plastic fiber, that is, waste plastic bottles for drinking coke.

3. The tensile strength of RPET stitchbond is particularly high, which can be used to process all kinds of storage bags, and its durability is particularly good.

4. RPET stitchbond can be processed into various types of mesh cloth, which has good air permeability, can be widely used in various clothing linings, and has good heat preservation and air permeability.

Source: Yangzhou humon Textile Industry Co., Ltd