Advantages of RPET spunbond

2022-07-21  42

1. It can reduce the use of oil, save 6 tons of oil per ton of finished yarn, and reduce air pollution.

2. It has passed the authoritative certification of SCS environmental protection agency of the United States and has higher international recognition.

3. PVC contains chlorine (which is the main source of dioxin, which is a confirmed carcinogen) and various heavy metals and plasticizers that pollute the environment. It does not contain PVC and has almost undetectable heavy metal content, so it specially replaces PVC products and becomes a supplier of a new generation of environmental protection materials (Environmental rolled PE, TPE, EVA, PEVA), And it has the following characteristics: non toxic - no PVC (tested by international certification body SGS), no odor; Environmental protection - extremely low content of heavy metals (tested by the international certification body SGS), combustion of dioxin; Light weight - 25% lighter than PVC)

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