What is GRS certification?

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GRS is a global recycling standard, English Name: Global recycled standard (GRS certification for short), which is an international, voluntary and complete product standard. The content is aimed at the implementation of product recycling / renewable ingredients, regulatory chain control, social responsibility and environmental norms, as well as chemical restrictions by supply chain manufacturers, and is certified by a third-party certification body.

With the deterioration of the environment and the shortage of resources, the state and government More and more understand the importance of environment, recycling and reuse. GRS certification is specified for the needs of the textile industry. It checks recycled products or certain specific products. More importantly, it allows retailers and consumers to understand which parts of specific products are recycled materials and how to deal with these materials in the supply chain. Of course, there are many benefits of passing the certification.

GRS certification audit has four parts: social responsibility, environment, chemicals, renewable ingredients and supply chain requirements.

Social responsibility:

1. Workers employed by enterprises involved in the production of GRS products are protected by strong social responsibility policies.

2. GRS social requirements are based on the principles of the global social responsibility compliance program. In all cases, international labour standards, national and / or local legislation or the most stringent GRS requirements should be applied to the extent that they do not violate applicable laws.


1. Enterprises participating in the production of GRS products should have a high degree of environmental awareness.

2. The waste water produced by the factory should be regularly monitored / tested.

3. The environmental requirements of GRS are applicable to all businesses within the certification organization. In all cases, the most stringent national and / or local regulations or GRS requirements apply.


1. Chemicals used to produce GRS products will not cause unnecessary harm to the environment or workers.

2. GRS is only applicable to the use and management of chemicals in the manufacturing process of GRS products. This standard does not apply to the entire facility, but only to the production of GRS products. GRS does not deal with chemicals present in the final product because it cannot control any chemicals that may be present in recycled products used as initial inputs in the GRS production chain.

Product recycled ingredients and supply chain requirements:

1. It is applicable to products with recycled content greater than or equal to 20%.

2. The declared recycled materials should follow a complete and verified chain of custody from input to the final product.

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