What is RPET? What are the links between the textile industry and RPET?

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What is RPET?

Baote bottle is made of polyethylene terephthalate, commonly known as pet. Whenever we pick up recycled resources, Baote bottle is always the main, supplemented by other recycled products, because the price of Baote bottle is the best when recycled, but its material is easy to be confused with PVC material.

Its characteristics are as follows: pet is transparent, tough and barrier to carbon dioxide. It is often used in the packaging of carbonated beverages. Its simplest identification method is colorless and transparent. After coloring, it can become light green, light blue or tan. There is a dot at the bottom of the round Bote bottle, and the bottle body has no seams.

The bottom of the PVC round bottle is in a straight line, and there will be white marks when it is bent. After long-term sunlight, it will turn iron red. When it is burned with fire, there is a cyan flame at the edge, which has poor ductility.

Why promote RPET?

For a long time, the problem of plastic waste, especially marine plastic waste, has plagued the world. In particular, after China banned the entry of "foreign garbage" and strictly controlled the import of waste, it caused a profound change in the global waste recycling and treatment. Some countries that used to only rely on exports and never actively dispose of waste were trapped in the "mire" of garbage, which aroused widespread concern in the international community.

In the context of global concern about garbage, both environmental protection organizations and enterprises from all walks of life have made commitments and taken actions.

For example, Volvo recently announced that from 2025, at least 25% of the plastics used in each new model will be made of recycled materials; Starbucks announced that its stores will completely eliminate disposable plastic straws by 2020, and replace them with straws made of paper, Compostable Plastics, or recyclable materials, or directly abandon straws and use suction cup covers.

Nike, Puma and other well-known sports brands are also promoting or launching sports products made of recyclable materials.

Objectively speaking, "environmental protection" and "sustainability" have become indispensable labels for enterprises. In this context, announcing the use of environmentally friendly recycled plastics or adopting sustainable alternatives can not only effectively fulfill the social responsibility of enterprises, but also create topics and attract attention for enterprises, win consumer support, and not lag behind competitors. It is a positive marketing means.

Textile industry and RPET?

RPET fabric is made of recycled environment-friendly fiber raw materials recycled from Coke bottles, which are rolled into pieces and then processed by tapping. It can be recycled and effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions, saving nearly 80% of energy than polyester fiber produced by conventional process.

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