How to apply for GRS?

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GRS certification is a global recycling standard, and GRS global recycling standard certification was first proposed by Cu and promoted by the U.S. textile exchange. The purpose is to call on the world to protect the ecological environment and implement the customized standards of sustainable development.

Basic steps of GRS application for textile recycled PET raw material processing:

1、 Traceability:

This is very critical. The source of recycled materials in your factory must meet the traceability in GRS standard. Is recycled materials purchased? Or is it leftovers in the production process?

How to buy it? You need to provide purchase vouchers, such as purchase invoices, TC certificates, supplier qualifications, etc. In the production process, how these materials are put into production and how the factory manages them from the mobilization of raw materials to the shipment are considered in many aspects, including hardware, software and personnel training.

2、 Environmental aspects

Consider from the standards related to environmental management

3、 Social norms

It is applicable to any link of the certification chain and starts from the waste collection station. This also means that the suppliers of waste products are not included in the scope of certification.

In short, to meet the GRS certification requirements, traceability, environment and social responsibility are indispensable.

Steps of GRS certificate application:

1. Application

Apply for certification online or manually. After receiving the electronic application form and reviewing it, the feasibility of certification and related costs will be comprehensively considered.

2. Contract

After evaluating the application form, the organization will quote according to the application, and the budget fee will be detailed in the contract. The applicant should confirm as soon as possible after receiving the contract.

3. Payment

After the agency issues the quotation contract, please arrange the payment as soon as possible. Before reviewing the arrangement, the applicant should pay the certification fee in the contract to the account number on the contract, indicate the invoice number or the name of the applicant company when remitting, and send an email to inquire about the remittance arrival. The original invoice will be sent to the applicant after receiving the certification fee.

4. Registration

Send the corresponding system documents that must be prepared to the applicant to prepare materials.

5. Review

Prepare the social responsibility, environment, chemical control, regeneration management and other documents involved in GRS

6. Issuance of certificate

Note: the institution will issue the qualification certificate within one month after receiving the formal report from the auditor. If any nonconformities are found in the review, different corrective measures will be taken according to different problems.

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